Academic | Undergraduate Degrees + Minors

Academic programs that are results-driven – enabling our Peace graduates to hit the ground running.

Programs that blend academia with applications in the professional world enable you to build knowledge in the subject matter while gaining relevant skills and experience. We offer Bachelor of Science (BS), Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), or Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree programs with a variety of different majors and minors to choose from.

If you are a working professional with competing obligations, the School of Professional Studies offers flexible, accelerated degree options for you to begin or continue your college education.


A degree from WPU (BS, BA, or BFA) is earned by completing a combination of the liberal education core requisites, requirements for a major, and general electives. A major is the primary area of study that students select to pursue in a particular discipline. A major normally consists of 33–39 credit hours (although some majors require more credit hours).


A minor is a secondary area of study that enhances the opportunity for students to explore an additional discipline. A minor is optional and may require the completion of 18 credit hours (although some minors may require more).

Accelerated Dual Degrees

Our Dual Degree is an accelerated program with Campbell Law School and enables students to simultaneously complete their senior year at WPU and the first year of law school. This can reduce the time to earn a Juris Doctorate (JD) degree to six years.

BA Bachelor of Arts  |  BS Bachelor of Science  |  BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts  |  Minor

BA, Minor

BA, Minor

Accelerated Dual Degrees

The Dual Degree program is a partnership between William Peace University and Campbell Law School that allows students to simultaneously complete their senior year of undergraduate study and first year of law school. The program accelerates graduation with a law degree to six years, rather than seven. Students must meet all program eligibility requirements.

The Dual Degree with Campbell Law School can be pursued with most of the major programs, however, students must consult their academic advisor for guidance and information.