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The way in which you learn has evolved – that’s why we offer some of the most innovative learning options in the region and beyond. 

Experience the difference of William Peace University.

We offer several learning options that specifically cater to our adult and professional students because we know it’s difficult to balance a busy schedule. Choose from online, hybrid, or evening courses. We meet you where you are to accommodate busy lives! Our accelerated degrees can deliver career success on your terms. 

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“There is not a better school that catered to my needs than the Adult & Professional Studies Programs at WPU.”

Amy Bowman
Student, Parent, Professional


FAQs for School of Professional Studies

Have a question about the School of Professional Studies (SPS)? Read our FAQs about online and blended courses, Moodle, user accounts, and more at William Peace University.

  • What is an online course?
    An online course is offered 100% asynchronously online. All assignments, testing, and peer discussions take place
    on a computer via an Internet connection.
  • How much time should I expect to spend on an online course?
    You should expect to spend the same amount of time on an online course as you would attending and studying for an on-campus course. IMPORTANT! Students enrolled in an online course should expect to spend a minimum of 15 hours per week for a 3 credit course.
  • What is a hybrid or blended course?
    All on-campus courses are offered as a hybrid/blended course. A hybrid course meets on-campus typically once a week for 3 hours. There is also a portion of the course that is then completed outside of the schedule class time, online. Students enrolled in an on-campus, hybrid course should expect to complete an additional 20 hours of course work outside of the in person class meetings.
  • How do I get my books?
    Textbooks are available through the WPU bookstore by rental or purchase. Once you have registered for the semester, you can visit the campus bookstore (or online at peace@bkstr.com ) and search for your books and required course materials by entering in your course information. The SPS section codes are ON for online and RA for on-campus classes.
  • How do I turn in assignments, communicate with my instructor, and take tests or exams?
    All of this can be done directly through Moodle.
    • Online and hybrid students turn in homework/assignments and communicate with their instructor through the Moodle using the Assignment submission upload, internal course mail or discussion forum, or by using other course tools as stated in the course syllabus.
    • Check your course syllabus to find out when your instructor may be available for telephone and office conferences.
    • Students communicate with other students enrolled in the course through private course mail and public discussion forum postings.
    • Students enrolled in online courses will complete their exams online in Moodle. Students enrolled in on-campus or hybrid courses will may complete exams in class or online in Moodle

  • When do I receive my WPU email, MyPacernet and Moodle login information?
    William Peace University employs single-user sign-on that allows students to use one set of login credentials (e.g., name and password) to access multiple applications. SPS students are issued their account information from the WPU IT Department to their personal email account within 2 weeks of registration.
    • WPU Google Email Account
      • Used for all University related communication; Students, faculty, and staff are required to use their University email for all communication
      • Access to Google Apps Suite, including Google Docs & Google Hangouts
    • MyPacerNet (http://mypacernet.peace.edu)
      • Register for courses; View course schedule
      • Find course textbooks
      • Access Financial Aid information
      • Pay bills/fees
      • Academic Profile
    • Moodle
      • Online and blended course portal
      • Classes are viewable in Moodle the Friday prior to each session start date.

  • I am having problems logging into Moodle and/or I do not find my registered course(s). Who can help me?
    Please contact Dr. Lori McClaren, Executive Director for the School of Professional Studies, for all Moodle questions and/or issues at Lori.McClaren@peace.edu or (919)508-2367.
  • I am locked out of my account and/or I need to reset my password. How do I unlock my account or change my password?
    WPU utilizes YAPS (Yet Another Password System) to manage passwords (http://yaps.peace.edu/smop/default.aspx). All students are enrolled in YAPS as part of the registration process.  If you need further assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk (helpdesk@pece.edu or (919)508-2417).
  • My WPU email and/or MyPacernet are not working. Who do I call?
    Don’t worry!  Simply contact the WPU IT Department at HelpDesk@peace.edu or (919)508-2417 and someone will assist you!
  • I have completed my FAFSA. How do I know if I qualify for Federal Pell grant and/or optional student loans?
    Once you are accepted into SPS, all financial aid documents and information will be issued to you through U.S. mail. You may reach the office of financial aid at: (919)508-2394 or finaid@peace.edu
  • Does the School of Professional Studies offer a payment plan option?
    Yes, students can enroll in either a 4 or 5 month payment plan. There is a $35 enrollment fee per semester for the payment plan.  To enroll in a payment plan,

    Payment Entity: Select “William Peace University” in the dropdown menu

  • Can I use Financial Aid to get my textbooks?
    • If available, financial aid can be transferred to your Pacer account for WPU bookstore rental/purchase of textbooks.
    • If you are planning to use financial aid toward your books, the financial aid process must be complete before you can rent/purchase your books
    • After reviewing your student account billing statement and once all charges and financial aid are on your account, you may show a credit. You can transfer a maximum of $750 per semester of financial aid to your Pacer account to be used toward textbooks and supplies in the bookstore: http://wpeaceu.wufoo.com/forms/pacercard-funds-transfer-form/.

  • What is the purpose of the Pacer Card?
    • It is your campus identification card. You should keep it with you at all times.
    • It allows entrance into applicable campus buildings.

    Financial aid or personal funds transferred to your Pacer account for on campus bookstore purchases.

  • My Pacer Card is not working. Who should I contact?
    If you are having issues with your Pacer Card, contact the Public Safety office (Main 107) at (919)508-2401.
  • It is time to register for next semester classes. How do I schedule an appointment with my Academic Advisor?
    • To schedule an appointment with Ms. Gina Garera, SPS Academic Success Coach, schedule an appointment using the following link: so/spsadvising
    • To register for classes, log into your MyPacernet account and go to Web Advisor for Students/Registration/Search for Sections.

  • Where do I go to get my new parking decal?
    SPS Parking decals are issued by Cheniqua Lassiter, Director of SPS Admissions, by calling (919)508-2042 or cllassiter@peace.edu to schedule a pick-up time.

Online Classes

Everyone doesn’t learn the same way – some people learn visually, while others enjoy hands-on instruction or lectures. Online learning requires some self discipline, but also affords you the opportunity to be flexible with your time and schedule.

Whether you’re a stay at home parent, a working professional, or just someone who likes to travel, William Peace University’s online program ensures you can get the elite education you need no matter where you are.

All of our degrees can be earned completely online. You never have to even step foot on campus.

Explore Online Learning at WPU

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“I was able to transfer a lot of my college credits to WPU and earn my degree quick, while also working full-time and supporting my family.”

Ed Parsons ’16
Alumni, Parent, Professional

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Accelerate your degree by taking classes at night

Night Classes

Going to class at night may not sound like the most exciting way to end your work day, but remember this – going to class at night can change how you spend your work day.

With a degree from SPS, you can catapult your career and step into a profession you’ve always dreamed of, or continue climbing the rungs of the professional latter you’re already on. 

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