How to Apply for Financial Aid

You can possibly lower the cost of attending WPU with just a few simple steps. 

Do your future self a favor and explore all of your opportunities for financial aid. As an accepted student at WPU, you are automatically considered for merit and need-based financial aid (with a completed FAFSA!). Financial aid is available in the form of:

  • Federal Grants
  • Federal Loans
  • Federal Work-Study Programs
  • North Carolina Need Based Scholarship (based on need for NC residents ONLY)
  • WPU Grants & Scholarships
  • Private Loans

Don’t know how FASFA works? Terrace explains why it’s important on #PeacePacerCam

Financial Aid 101

  • Start My Admissions Application

    Kick-start the admissions process by first applying to WPU. If you’ve already submitted your application, just follow the steps below.

    Start My Application

  • Complete My FAFSA

    Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 15 for priority consideration.

    • Enter WPU’s school code: 002953
    • As an NC resident, you can participate in CFNC FAFSA Day

    Complete My FAFSA

  • Learn My Financial Aid Eligibility & Scholarship Amount

    After completing a FAFSA, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) that outlines your expected family contribution (EFC). Once you are accepted for admission, William Peace University will use your SAR to determine if you are eligible for financial aid.

    If eligible, you will learn of your merit award amount via your acceptance letter from the Office of Admissions.

  • Financial Aid Timeline for Fall Semester Start

    September – June
    Apply for scholarships from private sources such as banks and churches, local companies and organizations, and special interest organizations. Register for a FREE iGrad account for more information on how to find private scholarships.

    October 1
    Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), to apply for federal and state grants, scholarships, Work-Study, and loans. Use WPU Federal School Code 002953.

    February 15
    Applicants who file their financial aid application by the Priority Filing Date of February 15, and are admitted, will receive a preliminary financial aid package sooner.


    If you have been selected by the Department of Education for verification, you will receive information from our partner Inceptia on how to complete the verification process.

    Complete loan promissory notes, entrance counseling, and the annual student loan acknowledgement (if applicable) at . You will receive emails with directions.

  • Special Circumstances / Professional Judgement

    Professional Judgement (PJ)/Financial Aid Appeal Process  (Special Circumstances)

    Use the PJ Advisor portal to expedite the financial aid appeal process. PJ Advisor is an accessible, intuitive tool that will guide you through the process to request a professional judgement/appeal.

    Please note the deadline for submitting an appeal is July 30, 2021

    What Happens Next? 

    Start your request by accessing PJ Advisor at WPU Portal. You (or a parent, spouse, or legal guardian) will need to do the following*:

    • Create a secure user name and password.
    • Select your dependency status as reported on the FAFSA.
    • Answer the pre-screening questions and select your appeal category.
    • Explain your situation in detail, upload supporting documentation, and submit.
    • Print, sign, and upload the signature page.

    * Dependent students that provided parental information on the FAFSA are required to have one parent signature on the signature page once all documentation has been submitted.

    Upon receipt of all required documents, William Peace University will conduct a preliminary review to ensure the submission is accurate and complete. You will be notified via email if there are any questions or if any additional documentation is required. Once the submission is verified as complete, the Financial Aid Office will review for final determination and contact you with the results.


    If you have any questions about the appeal process, please contact

  • Secure My Enrollment!

    Once you are accepted to WPU, you can secure an enrollment spot with a small $250 deposit.

    Send My Deposit


Any federal grant is awarded at the maximum amount currently authorized for your current enrollment status and is subject to change based on final approval and funding by the US House of Representatives and Senate.

Any grant funded by the State of North Carolina is the maximum amount currently authorized for your current enrollment status and is subject to change based on action and appropriations by the North Carolina General Assembly.

All William Peace University, scholarships are subject to renewal from semester to semester based on the student meeting the minimum criteria of the award.