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Be a part of something special.

Interested in a commitment to William Peace University? The Alumni Board may be the volunteer position that’s right for you.

Complete an application form to let the Alumni Board know that you are interested in a bigger, broader commitment to your Alma Mater. Nominations are made on an annual basis, and you will be contacted some time during the spring regarding your submission.

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Former Alumni Board President, Alli Leggett Woolard ’01, has a message for all Peace alumni

What Does the Alumni Board Do?

The Alumni Board meaningfully engages alumni and friends in the life of the University in several ways

  • Channel alumni talents and activities to support William Peace University’s mission of educating students for careers in the organizations of tomorrow
  • Serve as a voice for the 9,500+ Peace alumni who span the United States
  • Foster our legacy and Peace community relationships by creating opportunities for student-alumni fellowship
  • Celebrate our Presbyterian roots, spiritual heritage, and liberal arts traditions
  • Encourage, direct and engage our alumni in all philanthropic areas and interests of William Peace University
  • Communicate consistently with our constituents
  • Fostering relationships between current, past, and prospective students
  • Engage and strategize with the President in strategic and long-term planning

Beginning early in his tenure as WPU President, Dr. Ralph remains committed to engaging Peace alumni

MMHS - Alumni Board
“I am part of the Young Alumni Council because I want to give back to the University that gave me so much during my four years. The Peace experience is truly a unique and special one and to be able to still experience that as an Alumna speaks volumes to the culture of the University and the community. Peace played such an incremental part in my life and it really is an honor to be able to give back in this capacity. “
Melissa Moran '13

Alumni Board, 2018-19

Alumni Board Officers 

  • Sarah Armstrong Barge ’79, President
  • Melissa Cade ’05 & ’07, Secretary
  • Megan E. Hoffner ’11, Past President

At-Large Members

  • Ginger Lancaster Shields ’77
  • Gale McKoy Wilkins ’11
  • Deja Barber ’16
  • Gail Sutton Pope ’59
  • Stephanie Mathis ’09
  • Meghan Bevil ’12
  • Kerri Habben ’93
  • Paulette Morrison ’04
  • Rachel Rosenberg ’08
  • Betsy Ann Knott Blalock ’67
  • Brittany Goodman ’11
  • Megan Mansfield ’15
  • Alex Van Meir ’17
  • Brittany Lynn ’10
  • Cynthia Vargas ’85
  • Martha McKown Kelley ’82
  • Terry Rogers, III ’16
  • Kristy Smith Mallard ’93
  • Will Cunningham ’17

Young Alumni Council, 2018-19

Young Alumni Council Officers

  • Melissa Moran ’13
  • Christiane Newell ’15 
  • Samantha Pulley ’16

At-Large Members

  • Sarah K. Peele ’11
  • Erica Saraceno ’15
  • Brenna Mickey ’10
  • Emma Lawrence ’10
  • Melissa Ladd ’16

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