WPU Wellness Center at WPU with Nicole Davis 300x188 - The Wellness Center at William Peace University
May 19, 2020
The Wellness Center at William Peace University offers a range of services to help students achieve wellness in college and build a foundation to take with them when they leave. Nicole Davis, LCMHS is the director of the Wellness Center and works with her team to help students find the value in wellness and provide quality services to match. The three main services include professional counseling, support for students with disabilities and general health services.
Small College Benefits
May 15, 2020
Most people think that a bigger school equals a better education. In truth, though, you can get more out of the right small colleges than you can ever get out of major universities. Small colleges can provide a ton of benefits that large universities can't. Read on to learn seven reasons why!
Hyman, Bex_WPU Admissions
May 14, 2020
Meet Bex Hyman, an Admissions Recruiter. Bex relishes her opportunities to travel across North Carolina and meet with prospective students. Bex loves being part of a new student’s journey as he or she takes those first crucial first steps towards their academic future. 
RN to BSN Nurse
May 13, 2020
As a registered nurse, caring for others is part of your daily routine. But now there’s a way to care for yourself–in particular, your career, your skill set and your future. Earning your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) could be that natural push needed to move your life forward. More potential earnings, higher market value, a mastery of critical thinking and leadership opportunities could all be part of that critical push!
Showcasing our seniors - William Peace University
May 6, 2020
Showcasing our Seniors is  William Peace University's way to virtually celebrate all the accomplishments and efforts of YOU, our Class of 2020. Highlights of some of their projects and accomplishments.