Bachelor’s Degree in Simulation and Game Design

  • Overview

    Tell your parents they may have been wrong after all. It turns out that sitting in front of that game console all those years prompted your interest in one of today’s most dynamic careers.

    The Simulation and Game Design program at William Peace University provides a broad background in the industry, whether you’re interested in the entertainment side of it or the burgeoning field of serious gaming. Through the program, you will learn to master design, 3D modeling and programming used in developing video games or simulation training in military, healthcare, academic and industrial applications.

    Growth in the industry has increased demand for artists and designers who can combine an artistic background with technical know-how and an understanding of the complex interconnectedness of the world we inhabit. The curriculum emphasizes aesthetics, technical skills, audience analysis and development,including a lab that reflects the industry’s latest and greatest technologies. Internship and career opportunities are numerous; there are currently dozens of simulation and game business and organizations in the Triangle area alone.

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    SGD students turn their hobbies into careers in one of the highest-paid professions in the United States
  • Courses

    The courses listed below are for the Academic Catalog and are subject to change. Please reference the Academic Catalog for further information and course descriptions. If you are a current student, please reference the catalog in which you come under.

    Bachelor of Arts in Simulation and Game Design

    Liberal Education Curriculum49 credit hours
    Simulation and Game Design Core Courses48 credit hours
    General Electives23 credit hours
    Total credit hours for the B.A. in Simulation and Game Design120 credit hours


    Simulation and Game Design Core Courses
     48 credit hours
    ART 110: Drawing3
    ART 160: Art Appreciation3
    COM 220: Design and Type I3
    COM 270: Digital Media Convergence3
    COM 329: Imaging3
    COM 420: Motion for the Screen3
    ENG 313: Writing About Storytelling3
    MAT 202: Finite Math3
    SGD 111: Introduction to Simulation and Game Design3
    SGD 151: Computer Programming3
    SGD 211: Simulation and Game Technology I3
    SGD 222: Simulation and Game Design3
    SGD 311: Simulation and Game Technology II3
    SGD 322: 3D Modeling and Animation3
    SGD 411: Collaborative Simulation and Game Design3
    SGD 422: Senior Project3


    General Electives
    23 credit hours
    Must complete 23 elective credit hours23
  • Faculty
    Roger Christman, WPU Professor.
    Department Chair of Art, Communication, and SGD; Associate Professor of Art, Communication, and SGD
    Assistant Professor of Simulation and Game Design
  • Careers

    Simulation and Game Design majors focus on learning the creative and analytical elements of conceptualizing, designing, building and producing for this fast growing Industry. There are currently dozens of simulation and game companies in the Triangle area alone.

    Potential internship and employment sites include:
    • EPIC Games
    • IBM
    • ICARUS Studios
    • Lenovo
    • Red Storm Entertainment
    • Virtual Heroes
    • Wake Med Hospital

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