#PeopleOfPeace: WPU Welcomes New Faculty Members to Campus for Fall 2017

September 6, 2017
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William Peace University prides itself in bringing exceptional and talented new faculty to campus. With fall semester underway, please join us in welcoming our new faculty members to the WPU community.

“We’re delighted to welcome seven new full-time faculty to the William Peace University family for this academic year: Brian Aurand, John Eze, Caleb Husmann, Janelle Jennings-Alexander, Elizabeth Lange, Kate Maddalena, Marti Maguire,” said Dr. Charlie Duncan, Vice President for Academic Affairs. “They bring more than three dozen years of teaching experience and, more importantly, diverse life and teaching experiences and, most importantly, they’re excited to be here to join our already-outstanding faculty in teaching and mentoring our students.”


Aurand Brian WEB 150x150 - #PeopleOfPeace: WPU Welcomes New Faculty Members to Campus for Fall 2017
Brian Aurand, CPA, Assistant Professor of Business

Brian Aurand, CPA
Assistant Professor of Business

Brian Aurand is originally from Massillon, OH, and has enjoyed careers across various industries, including accounting, food service, and construction. The snow and cold drove Brian and his family south where he decided to become a professor to share his business knowledge. Brian loves the warm North Carolina weather and wouldn’t trade being so close to the beach for anything.

“I love WPU because everybody is always smiling.”

Meet Professor Aurand


Eze John WEB 150x150 - #PeopleOfPeace: WPU Welcomes New Faculty Members to Campus for Fall 2017
John Eze, DBA, Assistant Professor of Business

John Eze, DBA
Assistant Professor of Business

Dr. Eze was born and raised in Nigeria, but calls Salisbury, NC, home, having migrated to the United States to pursue his education at a young age. He has been teaching Economics and Business Management courses at university and college levels for more than 16 years. Prior to becoming an assistant professor, Dr. Eze worked as a financial assistant in the accounting field and later as an accountant. He also has years of experience in retail management. Dr Eze enjoys spending time outdoors, fishing, walking, traveling and reading. He is a great fan of autobiographical works and Shakespeare.

“WPU has wonderful staff, faculty and students.”

Meet Dr. Eze


Husmann Caleb 150x150 - #PeopleOfPeace: WPU Welcomes New Faculty Members to Campus for Fall 2017
Caleb Husmann, DA, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Caleb Husmann, DA
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Dr. Husmann was raised in Minnesota and currently lives in Raleigh with his wife, Beth, and daughter, Jo. Dr. Husmann received his BA in Political Science from Concordia College in Minnesota, his Master of Arts in Political Science from Miami University in Ohio and his Doctor of Arts in Political Science from Idaho State University.

“I love the rocking chairs!”

Meet Dr. Husmann


Jennings Alexander Janelle WEB 150x150 - #PeopleOfPeace: WPU Welcomes New Faculty Members to Campus for Fall 2017
Janelle Jennings-Alexander, Assistant Professor of English

Janelle Jennings-Alexander
Assistant Professor of English

Janelle was born in Pennsylvania, but calls Atlanta, GA, home. As the daughter of a military service man, her early experiences living in diverse communities across America has driven her interest in exploring how we as people define home, and how people from different backgrounds relate to create their community. A self professed nerd, Janelle loves Sci-Fi, superheroes and some good dystopian fiction.

“WPU is special because the university has the uncanny ability to attract students, staff and faculty who all seem to care about the world and about understanding their place within it.”

Meet Professor Jennings-Alexander


Lange Lizzie 150x150 - #PeopleOfPeace: WPU Welcomes New Faculty Members to Campus for Fall 2017
Lizzie Lange, Ed.D., Assistant Professor and Program Director of Exercise and Sport Science

Elizabeth Lange, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor and Program Director of Exercise and Sport Science

Dr. Lange, originally from Kentucky, teaches a diverse variety of courses in Exercise and Sports Science. Prior to becoming a professor, she spent several years coaching soccer and tennis, worked for the Special Olympics, led wilderness trips (backpacking & kayaking), and managed challenge “ropes” courses. She was a three sport NCAA athlete in college (soccer, basketball, and lacrosse) and now spends her free time biking, hiking, or playing sports. She is an expert in team development, having consulted with many sport teams and corporate groups. She is an avid UNC fan, when not exploring the wilderness or being in nature. Dr. Lange enjoys a hot cup of tea, random trivia, a good laugh, and living each day to the fullest.

“WPU truly has a peaceful and joyous culture on campus.”

Meet Dr. Lange


Maddalena Kate WEB 150x150 - #PeopleOfPeace: WPU Welcomes New Faculty Members to Campus for Fall 2017
Kate Maddalena, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Writing

Kate Maddalena, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Writing

Dr. Maddalena is a Raleigh native (go Enloe Eagles!) and is proud to be a Pacer. She earned her MA in English Language and Literature from North Carolina State University, where she also received her Ph.D. in Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media. Dr. Maddalena studies science communication and media theory, so her research comes together in crazy combinations of philosophies and objects: how do we think with building blocks? How is genetic engineering like writing? In Dr. Maddalena’s professional writing and communication classes, she asks more practical questions, like: how can good writing make life better, fairer, and easier for everybody?

“I like connecting students to meaningful work in the community.”

Meet Dr. Maddalena


Maguire Marti WEB 150x150 - #PeopleOfPeace: WPU Welcomes New Faculty Members to Campus for Fall 2017
Marti Maguire, Assistant Professor of Communication

Marti Maguire
Assistant Professor of Communication

In her 15-year career as a journalist, Marti has written about everything from murders to carnivorous plants to political snafus and cutting edge research. Her stories have been read across the world but mainly in Raleigh, where she spent much of her career writing for The News & Observer, most recently penning close to 300 “Tar Heel of the Week” profiles of prominent North Carolinians. She also covered state government and other topics for the Reuters News Agency, where her stories could be seen in the Huffington Post, the Chicago Tribune and as far away as Dubai.

At WPU, she is advisor to The Peace Times and teaches media writing and other communication courses. Before earning her master’s degree from the UNC-Chapel Hill, she was a high school teacher and publications advisor in Florida. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English at the University of Florida, with a minor in Spanish.

“The best thing about WPU is the people, though its proximity to Krispy Kreme is a nice bonus.”

Meet Professor Maguire