PEACE Magazine

About PEACE Magazine 

William Peace University proudly relaunched the annual magazine in 2019 to highlight student-centric opportunities like Immersive Learning experiences, accessible Study Abroad, and NCAA athletes, all while celebrating the alumni successes and faculty & staff achievements that propel our community forwards. The first edition of the new magazine received a silver award from the Council for Advancement and Success in Education in 2019, PEACE Magazine is published annually and reaches alumni, students, faculty, staff and other members of the Peace Community. It is produced by the Office of Advancement.

2020: A Piece of Peace

Peace Magazine has traditionally been a celebration of the amazing work by our faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends. While the conclusion of the academic year had an unexpected turn due to COVID-19, the work that we do continues to be, quite frankly, amazing. Much of the content of this magazine was already in production by time the pandemic changed our world, so we made the decision to leave most of the articles as originally written, except for the updated guest President’s Message. We do, however, recognize that our community has absolutely been impacted by these challenging times, yet will forever be redefined, yet our Peace remains steadfast. Amidst these uncertain times, I hope that this little “piece of Peace” brings you joy. With my best wishes for you and the people close to you.

Jodi Y. Stamey, CFRE, MBA Vice President, Advancement