Alexandra Daniels

Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Xandra Daniels, WPU Professor

With Xandra, prepare to examine bones and dig in the dirt.


“I never had the small campus experience so being at WPU allows me to get that campus vibe. It’s great! I know my student’s names and what they’re into. It is a very welcoming atmosphere and makes it fun to come to work every day.”


Professor Daniels is originally from Seattle, WA. After shovel-bumming around the Pacific NW for a few years after college, she came to Raleigh and has been here ever since. Her research interests include anything related to skeletons and skeletal development while her personal interests mostly include hanging out with her husband and two dogs. She describes herself as a “trekkie” and loves to eat at the local restaurant, Jose and Sons.


  • BA Archaeology, Western Washington University
  • MA Bioarchaeology, NC State University